HTH Tough Guard Concrete and Brick Protector

The environment is tough on our concrete and brick.  

1.  Concrete and Brick areas exposed to:

Salting in the winter, causing salt erosion
Freeze thaw, causing scaling (popping,cracking, crazing from bad
Chemicals seeping in and staining (oil, chemicals...)

2.  Concrete gives off a lot of dust.

3.  Concrete and Brick attracts graffiti artists

HTH Tough Guard is an environmentally friendly product that
protects your concrete and brick  from salt erosion, freeze thaw, resists chemicals and
graffiti from staining and stops concrete dusting.  

It is a one time treatment with no toxic fumes and very little down time.

We've been in business for 15 years and the product has been used in Europe
for over 30 years.

"let us protect your investment in concrete and brick"
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